The Kirby Collection of rare musical instruments

16 Sep 2015 - 12:45
Indian fiddle
This fiddle from Western India dates back to before the 1920s and Kirby bought it in Durban at the Victoria Street Market, which was officially opened in 1910. It looks very much like a Sindhi sarangi of Rajasthan.

The internationally recognised Kirby Collection of rare musical instruments, primarily from Southern Africa, is now accessible to composers, sound historians and music lovers across the world.

The Kirby Collection is a unique and irreplaceable assembly of more than 600 musical instruments, most of which were used in Southern Africa before 1934, many pre-dating urbanisation.

Evidencing the rich musical heritage of the region, it includes instruments made and played by all indigenous Southern African groups, as well as a smaller collection of instruments from five continents, notably Asia, and some unusual instruments from Western Europe. In addition to the instruments themselves, the collection also features paintings, sculptures and other objects relating to the field of sound.

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